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Wings Academy Program

The Wings Academy is an educational program designed to serve families of students with cognitive disabilities who desire an inclusive Catholic education for their children. Students within our Guerin Catholic Wings Academy are provided an individualized curriculum designed to maximize student growth and to assist students in discovering who God has created them to be during their time in high school. Students within this program:

  • receive an individualized life skills curriculum
  • participate in general education courses with the assistance of a modified curriculum and support from our Guerin Catholic faculty
  • participate in a work study program during senior year
  • receive a high School certificate of completion

Guerin Catholic High School Admission Requirements for Wings Academy

  1. Students must have written documentation of a cognitive disability. This documentation must include the current IEP/ISP and a current battery of testing that includes the student’s diagnosis.
  2. Students must possess independent mobility-they must be able to move from one class to another, including physical education, mass, and lunch.
  3. Students must maintain appropriate personal hygiene-must be able to care for personal restroom needs.
  4. Students must be able to follow the Guerin Catholic High School Discipline Policies and Procedures.
  5. Students must be able to participate in religious activities while at school-must attend scheduled masses, seasonal liturgical services, and theology courses.
  6. Guerin Catholic High School reserves the right to decline admittance to any student for whom we feel we cannot adequately provide services.

Please contact our Director of Learning Support, Dawn Street, at (317) 582-0120 ext. 335 or at for more information.